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Which Phil for Parksville?

We asked, we listened -and what we heard is that a pricey bronze statue is not what the public wants.
We also heard how caring and important Phil was to so many who knew him or knew of him. So now we need to choose just what to do for a memorial marker!
Let us know what YOU want to see by voting below.

1: Chainsaw Bench  

Estimated cost $15,000
Bringing together the realism of a statue, the presence of west coast wood, and function a chainsaw carved bench allows one to sit beside Phil and stay awhile… ( not including transportation/ installation )


2: Interactive Mural series

Estimated cost $ 9,500
A series of life sized Phil’s painted around the community meant to surprise and delight. See Phil
as you go about your day and pose with the big guy for a picture. Note: These are not what the actual murals will look like. These are just some examples of what interactive murals look like.


3: Driftwood Sculpture Bench

Estimated cost $14,000
Quirky, eye catching, and unique just like Phil! Finding Alex Witcombe driftwood creations is becoming a Vancouver Island pastime for those who love the outdoors. A possible perfect fit for Parksphil! ( not including transportation/ installation )


4: Walk this way…

Estimated cost $6,000
Approach the city about renaming the existing Parksville beach boardwalk to be the “Phil St.Luke Boardwalk”
Costs would cover new signage and an explanation memorial plaque.

 How          to         Donate

There are a few different options to donate for the memorial:

1. E transfer:

2. Coastal Community Credit Union Parksville Branch.

3. Gofundme  -

All poll options require those who value Phil’s legacy of encouragement, generosity, hope, and humour to *Donate*
All surplus funds will be donated to local charities Phil volunteered his time with.

Flying Phil fundraising merchandise can be purchased locally at;

- The MAC Arts centre
- Butterfly World

A final proposal to Parksville city counsel will be determined using a number of factors including the public poll results.